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Superfood Recipe: Sprouting & Dehydrating Raw Jungle Peanuts

Sprouting Wild Jungle PeanutsIn the recipe and video below, learn how to sprout and dehydrate organic RAW Wild Jungle Peanuts from Essential Living Foods.

Why would you want to sprout your peanuts?

Nuts and seeds have enzyme-inhibitors and anti-nutrients that can contribute to indigestion when you eat too many.

Soaking and sprouting your peanuts causes a beautiful transformation. As the peanuts transform from dormant seeds into living proto-plants, their chemistry changes and they become highly digestible and nutritious.

Why don’t we all eat our nuts and seeds this way? Because it’s more convenient for big companies to roast nuts and seeds, and sprouting is extra work.

So do it yourself and discover the real nutritional power of peanuts!

trulyrawsproutedjunglepeanutsTHE PROOF IS IN THE SPROUT

STEP 1:  SOAK IN WATER.   Sprouting is easy!  Place the desired amount in a jar, soak them overnight, and change the water over the next two days.

These nuts are crackling with life, look at how beautifully they sprouted!  Once sprouted you’ll be in for a nice surprise, they taste like fresh and sweet green peas. Delicious.

STEP 2: DEHYDRATE. If you don’t have a dehydrator, you can always use your oven or toaster oven on a low setting (below 105 degrees F) for about 15 – 17 hours. This adds a nice crisp texture!

STEP 3: ENJOY. Combine with you favorite superberries for a tasty and balanced snack! In the recipe video below, we combine our Raw Jungle Peanuts with Raw Organic Golden Berries, but you could also use Organic Goji Berries or any tasty super berry you like! Enjoy!

VIDEO: Hala Khouri (Off the Mat Into the World) and Kipp Stroden (CEO, Essential Living Foods) show you this totally simple recipe while chatting about socially-conscious business and how eating this healthy food helps to protect rainforests and indigenous Amazonian culture.

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