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Raw Chia Bread Wrap Recipe with Pesto Tapenade

I LOVE CHIA!  I consider it a staple in my diet.  Chia is super nourishing, high in protein and omegas, and is slow to digest so you feel full longer then other seeds or grains. Its also my secret weapon in gluten free cooking, because of it’s gelatinous nature it binds, unlike most gluten free flour options.

The bread was made by grinding up Chia Seeds and Milk Thistle, then blend with veggies and herbs. Simple, clean, healthy ingredients! I’m really inspired by Milk Thistle because of its major health benefits for the liver, and its flavor is like if a flax seed and a chia seed had a baby.

So Lets get into it with this Raw Chia Bread Wrap Recipe!



I used our handy dandy Nutribullet to grind up some Milk Thistle. If you don’t have a Nutribullet at your disposal a coffee grinder or blender should do the trick.

If you have a spiffy food processor, use the grater attachment to quickly shred up your juicy zucchinis and onion, If not go old fashioned, use a grater, some elbow grease and go to work.

I wanted the bread to have some creaminess so i added some macadamia nuts, because their luscious but not too soft, because i wanted the bread to stay sturdy.

Throw in all the remaining bread ingredients into the processor, or whatever your using to blend. If you opt for a blender be sure to use the pulse so it doesn’t get overly blended, you may have to mix the contents and scrape the sides to get even blending.

I love using cumin seeds instead of powder in certain recipes, you know mix things up, keep it interesting ; )  It also offers a more aromatic flavor because it hasn’t been pre ground and dried out.

Blend that tasty goodness up! Make sure it still has a little texture for a pleasant mouth feel.

I poured the mixture onto a silpat (one of my FAVORITE kitchen tools, takes baking to the next level), I placed it in the oven at the lowest setting, flipped it, which takes a little maneuvering, how i handled it was by placing another silpat onto of the dried side. flipped the pan onto the countertop, carefully pealed back the undried side, put the bread back on the pan, and returned it to the oven for another hour.

If i had access to a dehydrator i would’ve spread it over 2 trays and placed it in the dehydrator at 115 for 2-3 hours, then flipped it and repeated until dry but still flexible

While your bread is working, lets get the pesto tapenade together. Honestly i just couldn’t decide between a pesto spread or a  tapenade, so i made this glorious hybrid, and life will never be the same.

It’s literally as simple as throwing in all the ingredients blend and drizzle in the olive oil whilst blending to get your desired texture. I wanted mine to stay a little chunky, but I’m sure a smooth version would also be lovely.

Oh boy look at this baby right here! I don’t know about you but seeing a beautiful avocado like this does something to me. Anyway….

I have to give this one warning, while this bread was in the oven, it was so fragrant, it seemed like the whole office was pulled into the kitchen by its magical aroma. So keep an eye on that bread, lest some curious mouths sneak in when you not looking….

This recipe does better as a wrap, but i just couldn’t help myself, it was so deliciously tantalizing, i made myself a little open faced sandwich goodie….oh man i don’t regret it for one moment

But seriously take the time to try it as a wrap

Everyone seemed very happy with the end results : )

And finally the true test… Kipp Stroden, our CEO, who also has an incredible pallet and is himself an incredible chef

He got real serious, real quick, so freakin good!

OK enough teasing, lets talk details, you want the recipe already? Well here you go!

Chia Bread

4 Zucchinis

1 Small yellow onion

2 Small Roma Tomatoes (chopped)

1 C Chia Seeds (ground)

1/2 C Macadamia Nuts

4 T Milk Thistle (ground)

Oregano & Cumin seed to taste (both of these have such pungent flavor a little goes a long way)

Himalayan sea salt & pepper to taste

Pesto Tepanade

2 C Chopped Kale

1 C packed Basil

1 C Pitted Black Botija Olives

1/4 C Hemp Seeds

2 T Pine Nuts

Olive oil to desired consistency


1 Large Ripe Avocado

2 Ripe Tomatoes

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