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Homemade Dehydrator

Ever want to make your own raw crackers or kale chips…

…but don’t have a dehydrator?

The ever-wacky Alton Brown from the Food Network came up with a cool tutorial on how to build your own Homemade Dehydrator.

His device doesn’t use ANY heat AT ALL, just the ambient air temperature.

We’re not quite sure if this would work in moist climates…

Take a look at the video and tell us what you think!


Parts He Uses:

  • 1 household box fan
  • 3 cellulose/paper furnace filters (like the ones you see here). NOTE: do NOT use fiber glass filters! ALSO: if the filters have a paper grid over them, just remove it.
  • plastic dehydrator sheets (14″x14″)
  • 2 Bungee cords


How He Built It:

  • Alton pre-soaks his fruits in lemon juice for an antiseptic effect. This way, you don’t blow the smell of rotting fruit all over you house!
  • Alton starts with the widow fan, one filter, one liner, and a layer of food.
  • Then he adds identical layers: liner, filter, liner filter, for 3 layers total.
  • The last filter goes on top with the metal facing out.
  • Secure the stack to the fan with 2 bungee cords.
  • Stand the fan upright, then turn on the fan. 

(Alton Recommends using up to 3 layers at one time; 4 layers doesn’t allow good circulation and the food will not dry properly.)


What Do You Think?

So is Alton seriously crazy?

Or is he a mad genius?

Can you really dehydrate fruit at home this way?


If you’re not up for experimenting, you could always just buy your fruits pre-dried.

We happen to have a delicious selection of 100% organic, zero-sugar-added, zero-preservatives, RAW dried fruits from around the world.


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