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Holy Kale Raw Parsnip Sushi Rolls


For the filling:

1 Red Bell Pepper, seeded and sliced into thin strips

1/2 Cucumber, seeded and sliced lengthwise into thin strips

1/2 Beet, sliced into thin long strips

2 c Sprouts

1 Avocado, thinly sliced

For the Parsnip “Rice”:

4 Parsnips, peeled and chopped

1 tbs Nama Shoyu (unpasteurized soy sauce)

1 tbs Coconut Oil

2 tsp Brown Rice Vinegar

1 tbs Miso

1 tsp Unheated Sea Salt

Optional: to make it spicy, add 1 tbs Wasabi Powder

To Wrap:

Raw Nori


Sesame Seeds


Wasabi Paste



1. Place Parsnips and other “rice” ingredients into a food processor or high-speed blender, such as the Vitamix, and blend until it takes on a rice consistency.

2. Place a sheet of nori on your cutting board in a horizontal direction. Cover the bottom 2/3 of the sheet with parsnip rice. Spread an even layer across the bottom.

3. Fill the center of the rice with the long strip of veggies and then top with sprouts.

4. Roll upwards from the bottom of the sheet (the edge that has filling on it) upward, and seal the end with a bit of water. * I like to roll it as if you were rolling a sleeping bag or yoga mat, gently but tight, to make sure there is no room.

5. Take a sharp knife and slice the sushi into even rolls. * Be sure the knife is sharp, because if it is too dull it will pull the nori and wreck the shape of the roll.

6. Top with sesame seeds and serve with wasabi, ginger and nama shoyu. An option is to drizzle with fresh lemon.

Variations: Great additions or variations to this role are mango, strawberries, raw seed or nut burger, kale, arugula, tomato, sundried tomato and olives.

Recipe By: Lauren Felts

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