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Awesome Raw Pesto Pizza Recipe

Love Pizza?
Try Out this Awesome Raw Pesto Pizza Recipe!
1/2 c each: Hemp Seeds,  Almonds and Sunflower seeds
1 c   Walnuts or Other Nuts
1 t    Himalayan Sea Salt + pepper
1 T   Coconut Nectar
1-2 T water (as needed)
1/2   Medium onion diced
4      peeled garlic cloves

Pulse in Food Processor until it starts to stick together. Divide in 4 and shape into pizza shape. Place in dehydrator or your oven at the lowest temp. for 4-5 hours (until crispy)

Spinach Pesto
3 c   Organic Spinach
2 c   Organic Basil
1/4 c each: Hemp Seeds and Pine nuts
1      peeled garlic clove
1/2 t Himalayan Sea Salt + Pepper
1 t  Coconut Nectar  

Place everything in Food Processor, pulse until creamy but still has gentle texture. Cover up and place in fridge until crusts are done.
Top with whatever makes your mouth water!


This Recipe not only offers fantastic flavor and serious satiation, but because of all the nuts and seeds, it’s dense with minerals and protein, a truly complete meal. Vegan and Paleo friendly!

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